Art Deco develops its own projects collaborating with Interior Designer to exploit the spaces

Interior Design is a discipline that deals with the design and development of interior spaces. The Interior Designer is a creative figure whose work stems from the desire to create a certain type of experience for the people who will perceive the space he designed, anticipating people's needs and succeeding, through the spaces they create, to excite. An interior designer listens to the needs and desires of his clients and then interprets them in his own way to develop houses, but not only: restaurants, shops, offices, hotels, public infrastructures are other examples of spaces occupied by an interior designer.


A significant and important skill that the Interior Designer has is to be able to make the most of spaces. During the planning phase of a house, an interior designer makes design decisions whose purpose is to make the best use of the square footage of a space and therefore to offer the customer the ideal solution, especially in small and small spaces.


The role of the interior designer is evolving more and more also in the field of sustainability. As in all areas related to design, being able to design while taking into consideration the sustainability of the planet is increasingly becoming a central aspect of the design process. Designers try to use eco-sustainable materials and support local businesses and artisans.


Technology, on the other hand, is changing the way an interior designer works and presents his projects. With the constant development of 3D rendering programs that become increasingly photo-realistic, the interior designer is now able to present the customer with an image that represents the much desired future home to perfection.

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