Safety rules during the design and execution of works

The current legislation on safety [d.lgs. 81/08], in the case of construction sites where more than one contractor is present, even if it is not contemporary, obliges the client to appoint the coordinator in the planning phase and the coordinator in the execution phase.


  • Drafting of the safety and coordination plan (PSC), consisting of a technical report containing the design choices and the requirements aimed at guaranteeing the elimination or minimizing of the work risks, therefore the equipment and the protective and preventive measures to be used
  • Prepare a file adapted to the characteristics of the work containing the information useful for the purposes of prevention and protection against the risks to which workers are exposed for subsequent foreseeable interventions on the work, taking into account the specific rules of good technique


  • Verify, with appropriate coordination and control actions, the implementation, by the executing companies and the self-employed workers, of the relevant provisions contained in the safety and coordination plan and the correct application of the related work procedures, and in the case of non-fulfillment by workers propose the suspension of work, the removal of companies or self-employed workers from the site, or the termination of the contract
  • Verify the suitability of the operational safety plan (produced by the companies), to be considered as a supplementary plan for the safety and coordination plan, evaluating the proposals of the executing companies aimed at improving safety on site, verifying that the contracting companies adapt, if necessary, the respective operational safety plans
  • Verify the implementation of the provisions of the agreements between the parties in order to achieve coordination between safety representatives aimed at improving safety on site
  • Organizing between the employers, including the self-employed, cooperation and coordination of activities as well as their mutual information;
  • In the event of serious and imminent danger, directly detected, suspend the individual work processes up to the verification of the adjustments made by the companies concerned

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