Administrative procedures for building works subject to authorization

Before starting a building intervention, it is always a good idea to ask a qualified professional if they are subject to authorization by the authorities in charge.

Sometimes a simple communication may be necessary, but if it is omitted it is possible to find yourself in the future to pay considerable penalties. It is useful to point out, in fact, that the conformity of the building to the project deposited with the municipality and the land registry is extremely important both in the sale of a building and in the subsequent restructuring of the same. If such conformity did not exist, the owner would be forced to request the rectification for the works performed; all with payment of charges, penalties and wasted time.

It is also important to know that for those who renovate the house there are considerable tax cuts, but only if the works have been communicated to the authorities in charge; all in accordance with the provisions in force.


  • Current national, regional and municipal regulations for planning in cases of restructuring, expansion and new buildings
  • Required administrative documents to be presented to the relevant bodies (C.I.L.A., S.C.I.A., building permit, etc.)

  • Administrative documents related to the "residential title" (proof of real estate / habitable habitation)
  • Projects, testing, static and seismic checks of the structures
  • Update/Correction of building data in the field
  • Tax concessions for restructuring
  • Mortgage registration

  • Housing suitability

  • Research for documentation in the conservatory

  • Notary technical reports

  • Thousandth tables

  • Graphical representation of common condominium parts

  • Property valuation reports

  • Commercial Area Calculation

  • Surfaces verification for TARI

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