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Interventions of building conservative restoration, building restoration done to perfection

The conservative restoration (as defined by legislative decree n.42/2004, art.29 paragraph 4) is a building intervention aimed not at preserving the building as it arrived, but at bringing the building back to a precise moment of his age (the normal state) in which it is defined as "completed". Therefore, the original shape of the building must be reconstituted, even if this consists in demolishing some portions or reconstituting others that have been demolished or never built (variation of shape, shape, volume and surface).

Today many restoration interventions are required mainly for buildings bound by the Superintendence of Architectural Heritage (as always described in Legislative Decree n.42/2004). With the restoration interventions, in addition to the extraordinary maintenance interventions, the use of the building can be partially or totally changed with a "compatible with it".

Conservative restoration is a type of building intervention aimed at the recovery, conservation and enhancement of buildings of a certain historical, architectural and environmental value. For this reason it is very important to pay attention to the type of materials used and the new technologies in order not to erase and destroy "pieces" of history that have made our country great.