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Extension works in reinforced concrete of existing buildings

The design of the expansion of a residential building represents the definition of the client's needs in relation to the physical and urban characteristics of the area subject to intervention (building lot) and the existing building.

The physical characteristics are represented by the orography of the area, the shape, the presence of binding elements, such as trees, ditches, pylons, underground utilities, etc.

The urban characteristics are represented by the normative and limiting elements provided for by the planning instruments in force for the project area, such as: territorial index, land constructability index, distances from boundaries, heights of buildings, restrictions on destinations and, in the case of expansions , obviously it is necessary to consider also the surface or the volume of the existing building, to be added to those of intervention, for the verification and the respect of the urbanistic standards. To this must be added the hygienic-sanitary, environmental, safety, anti-seismic and protection regulations.