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Maintenance of the roof covering and reconstruction of the structural framework

Renovation, maintenance and replacement of roof covering elements (tiles, tiles, fretted tiles, etc.), thermal insulation and waterproofing insulation, roof renovation, including condominium, for both civil and industrial buildings.

We perform roofing and/or maintenance work on the roof covering, with effective waterproofing systems that guarantee excellent insulation for the thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs: they are building renovation works that allow us to obtain benefits and high energy savings. We also work with building works aimed at the complete reconstruction of the wooden bearing structure or in reinforced concrete.

What does it mean to insulate a roof?

Roof insulation consists of building interventions designed to guarantee the thermal insulation of the roof itself to reduce heat losses outside the house in the cold season. In the same way an insulated roof does not allow the entry of heat during the hot season, thus preserving a constant temperature of the house and consequently decreasing energy costs both in winter and in summer. Roof insulation can be performed directly on the roof or in the attic when it is not habitable.

Isolation is often simpler and faster to accomplish than many think; for this reason it can also be carried out during other maintenance and restructuring works; it is ideal for example for roof waterproofing interventions or for the maintenance of the roof covering elements itself (tiles, roof tiles, fretted tiles, etc.).