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Low-thickness nanotechnology system for home insulation

The improvement of the thermal insulation in the buildings to be restored, until today, offered only the famous solution of the "thermal coat", ie insulating panels (for example glass wool, eps, cork and plaster) of great thickness, which installed throughout the outer perimeter of the house, not without difficulty, they ensured adequate thermal insulation.

The use of the thermal coat, however, poses a series of problems: to ensure adequate final thermal insulation, the thickness of the coat must be at least 12 cm, creating considerable problems relating to the installation. If on one hand the coat was the only solution, on the other hand it gave rise to several disadvantages, complexity and costs of intervention.

Today the company Art Deco of the Geom. Luca Sechi, applies a solution for very innovative thermal insulation, ensuring new and high standards of thermal insulation, with the lowest thickness existing on the market.

  • Intervention speed
  • No resurfacing of the thresholds
  • No discomfort for those who live there
  • Competitive costs and certain estimates
  • Perfect thermal insulation even in the thresholds
  • Non-invasive
  • Tax Deduction
Decorus Bronya isolamento termico basso spessore parma
Decorus Bronya facciata isolamento termico basso spessore parma